The Code or Values we embrace are the trademark of Kingdom Culture! Values are more than just doctrine, they are the result of biblical truth being made real in our daily lives. Though derived from scripture, you could say they represent the spirit and heart that moves us by relationship with God. Not by religious requirement or obligation, but out of our obedience; passionately manifesting Kingdom Culture so much so that we intentionally create Jesus Culture everywhere we are, because it is the very essence of what we believe.


A culture of authenticity


We all love making a good impression. Whether it’s in the workplace, among friends or at Church, putting our “best foot forward” is always at the back of our minds. But God is calling us to be a people of openness and honesty more than ever before. His grace and acceptance in our lives gives us the courage to live vulnerably and transparently, showing the world the authenticity they are so desperately looking for.


a culture of honour


The opportunity to honour is all around us. Honour goes way beyond just respecting God and parents. From the greatest to the least all are created in His image; all are valuable. It is with those eyes that we show respect to others, not necessarily because they “earned” it, but because we see their value. In an age of dishonour, it is our calling to create a counterculture in which honour is the life of its citizens.


a culture of generosity


When someone starts talking about generosity, our mind automatically wanders to the wallet sitting in our back pocket, but generosity isn’t just about money. In order for generosity to become a culture, it must touch every area of our lives – our time, skills, our ears and our ability to listen, and our mouths and our ability to speak encouraging words.


a culture of worship


What is worship? Perhaps it’s a feeling or an expression... Maybe it’s a place or something you do on a Sunday morning. Could we suggest that maybe worship could be more than just a song, a location, or a religious expression. Could we suggest that maybe worship is life. And life, at it’s very core, is about worship. It’s about living out what we were created for. Taking each day and surrendering it at the feet of Jesus. And then, all of a sudden, EVERYTHING becomes worship.


a culture of community


Community – noun: an interacting and unified body of individuals.

With a heart of compassion stirring us to serve and give like Jesus, we can develop and build of a culture of community not only in the Church but in our own spheres of influence.


a culture of Participation


We believe that everyone not only belongs here, but also has a role to play. Each person is an integral part of our team, who has something to add to the story we’re all a part of. Jesus didn’t say, “follow me” for us to just be spectators in the stands. He says “follow me” so we can be a part of what He is doing - loving broken, hurting and lost people.