From the moment you step into HillCity Church, we want you to feel like an honoured member of our family.

Will I be called out for being a visitor?

No way! If you are our guest for the first time, you will not be called out, and we will not have you stand up and state your name in front of everyone. You will be greeted as you walk in the doors, and met by some of the friendliest people on our team. And if you'd like, they might even introduce you to some of our leaders (one on one). Otherwise, simply come on in, grab some coffee, find a seat and see if this is the church for you.

What do I wear to attend your services?

Whatever you're most comfortable in! You will see everything from jean to suits and dresses to shorts and flip flops, and we're good with that. Don't feel like you have to get dressed up for us - who you are is more important than what you wear.

Will you take my money?

While we do take a moment in each of our services to collect our tithes and offerings, we NEVER expect our guests to put anything in the basket as it goes by. Feel free to pass the basket on without worrying about glares from our ushers.

Will I have to sing?

Only if you want to. We usually stand and sing 4 songs in each of our services, and we will have the words up on the screen so you can sing along if you'd like. You are also welcome to just sit and enjoy the music.

What about my kids?

We definitely have great things for your kids while you're visiting HillCity! Our goal is to give them a great time in a safe atmosphere, close by in case they need you. Kids from pre-kindergarten to grade 5 stay with us for the beginning of the service before being dismissed to their classrooms. Our service emcee will let you know when that time is. We have a safe and easy check-in system you can visit before the service starts so they are all ready to go. Visit our "kids + youth page" for more information.


we worship

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Something powerful happens when a group of people come together to lift high the name of God – His presence comes! We passionately pursue God’s presence, not just for our own enjoyment, but that others might also encounter Him and be changed. People in the congregation may worship in a variety of ways at any given moment: singing, standing, dancing, shouting, raising hands, and/or quietness. This is our response to His amazing love.

we preach

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The message is one of the primary aspects of our service and lasts between 25-30 minutes. Our preaching time is focused on taking the deep truths of the Bible and explaining them in a manner that makes sense today. You can expect a Bible-based message that will encourage, challenge and empower you.

we share

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In our services we give opportunity for members to function in the gifts of the Spirit with words of encouragement, prophecy, spiritual song, or testimony. All such expressions are for the comforting, encouragement and strengthening of the church.


we pray

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We believe God hears and answers prayer, so provide opportunity to come for prayer at the end of the service. Many have received healing and have encountered the presence of God in a life changing way.


we connect

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We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome. So don’t feel like you need to run out right away! Our coffee bar is open after the service and there are many people who would be so happy to meet you.